Our courses are online only.

This is the best way to reach maximum number of people worldover.

Courses are free. We appreciate donations

1.Gayatri Mantra- Likita Japa

Depositing in a Hundi and also uploading the image on Social media like Facebook and Twitter

2.Gayatri Mantra-Akhanda Japa

Chanting of Gayatri Mantra along with more than few people at your home, or an Institution

3.Gayatri Mantra Hundi – Make this Hundi and present it to friends and relative introducing them to chant this great mantra for wholistic wellbeing scientifically proven

4. Research -Share your findings on this blog and also on social media

5. World Peace- Time to time chant Gayatri mantra for world peace. You may announce it on social media and also via email etc., to collect others for a noble cause especially during these time of terror world wide!

See the details on the contact page.

Be part of this noble cause of Chanting Gayatri Mantra for

Personal, Filial, Social and International Well being.




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