Brahmins of India

I have been thinking of writing about this topic for quite sometime. Brahmins of India are known for their orthodox way of living. Now a days, people do not attach much importance to jathi-species( caste is an English word )in Indian urban areas and not so in the rural areas where still caste is rampant.Brahmin’s accent is somewhat different from others in India as anyone would be able to find that a person is a Brahmin from the way one speaks. Brahmins,generally, have a polite and calm look and some of them are fair in color.

A person is considered to be a Brahmin if he/she possesses ” Satvic qualities- Spiritual, honest,believe in scriptures and one who believes in reincarnations and one who does not injure others in any way- this is the explanation for Brahmin given in the Bhagavad Gita

Many in the Brahmin family possess these qualities and in other castes, we find few. The other caste people who possess these qualities also are considered Brahmins according to Hindu scriptures. A person without these qualities is not at all a Brahmin.


3.ACHARA- OBSERVANCES like not taking food from others etc.,
(Found only with the person born in a Brahmin family and not in other castes)

VEGETARIANISM:Most of the Brahmins are Vegetarians, someone say they also eat meat!, True, 5 to 10% of them alone take meat and the majority are Vegetarians even today.

Many of the Brahmins ,if not all, possess these qualities.
When it comes to the above three, one has to classify as
“BRAHMINS – NON BRAHMINS”. Someone may argue that other caste people also have these qualities, but I disagree with them, rarely, we come across these qualities among Non-Brahmins.

One should have the above mentioned 3 qualities themselves inorder to understand and accept this fact otherwise not.

Some of the Brahmins in the past and few now a days also, out of arrogance disrespect and show partiality to other caste Hindus.

Brahmins have been doing a wonderful job in various fields for the upliftment of the society even now in the form of Religious discourses, social services etc.,

Now a days, Brahmins are neglected due to reservation but I know many even now who occupy top executive positions in leading corporates and in Central and State Government Departments. I personally believe that atleast 60% of top executive positions are dominated by Brahmins – the reason? they are World class!!

No, then what distinguishes them from the TOP TECHIES in the software profession? in the USA?, their chaste lives! then they should be having their own class !!


60% of people in NASA IN THE USA are Indians, out of that 80% are Brahmins

Brahmins -2 will cover personalities of this caste


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