Che Guevara – the need of the hour !

“I am a socialist not because the system is perfect But half a loaf of bread is better than no food “-Vivekananda

“I want to take India out of slums and scams”-Sri Sri Ravishankar

The Maoist are in the news often in India but whatever they do is not wrong since outlaws and corrupt political bigwigs are afraid of them to certain extent. Recently, there was a big scam involving millions of dollars at the Indian central government , as a result  Kanimozhi daughter of an ex-chief minister  has been arrested along with another former central minister Raja.

These people make Indians poorer and not India !

India is a rich country impoverished by selfish people!!

When I attended the Communist party of India{marxist) conference recently, I got the CD ABOUT THE LIFE OF CHE GUARA OF CUBA, his life is really an adventurous and amazing one, as he was instrumental in defeating the USA by arming about 200,000 people under the leadership of FIDEL CASTRO, which was a shame for the USA with such a mighty military power! Che guara, it seems is spoken about now a days more than ever before, as there are plenty of books about his life and works in the market both in English and in Indian regional languages.


Jawahar . tn India


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