D etermined

A  nanda

Y  our

A  chievement

N   ever

A   nxious

N  atural

D   evotion

A   lways

G   uru

U  ltimate

R  evered

U  niversally


Profile of an Endangered Hindu !

Name : Endangered Hindu
Age : — left out of 100*
Date of Death : Yama* only knows !
Nationality : Hindustan – called as ”India”
Religion : VEDANTIN*
Caste : Peace*
Mother Tongue : Sanskrit*-Only language 100% phonetic in the world .
Education : Seeking Indian Man making education
Courses undergoing : Patriotism
Likes : Common Civil code
Dislikes : Mosques upon Temples
Pet : Peacock
Wonder of Love : Tajmahal
Want : Passport of Hindustan
Doesn’t want : Visa to Hell

Qualities : Too much tolerance
Accomodated : Even Jews*
Sheltered : Refugees of all nations and religions*
Famous guest : Jesus christ*
Crime : Allowed other religions to convert a section of the Hindu’s
Awards Won : title of ”Majority”
Awards Given : title of ”Minority”
National Game : Infighting !
Extra curricular activities : Jealousy !
Limitations : I , ME, Myself .
Ambitions : WE , US, OURSELVES.

problem of Population : Lack of continence in Marriage.
Sex Education : Kamasuatra*
Medicinal Wonder : Ayurveda
World’s first Astronomer : Arya Bhatta

World’s First mathematician : Bhaskara.*
Foreign Beneficiaries : Mohuls – 700 years ;British – 200yrs
Valuables Looted by the Mohuls : Jewels from temples
Valuables Left by the British : Broken Brandy Bottles !!
Want to Imbibe : Western Science, Honesty, Freedom for woman,Equal opportunity& Sports[Positives]

Want to warn about: Western excessive Materialism and luxury!
Values : Best of East and West
Ideal Personality : J,Jayalalitha* , Richard Gere
Greatest Contribution to the world : One World Family philosophy !(Vasudaivaka Kudumbakam)
Civilization of the world : European’s trade with India*
Inspired : All the broad movements of America.- Concord Moverment.*

Conquest of the world :Quietly creating an impact on the core section of thinkers world over withYoga-Vedanta

Sharing now with the world : Shankara, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Swami Dayananda !
Worlds first spiritual man to get political freedom : M.K.Gandhi !
Anticipating Nobel prize : Sri sri Ravishankar for world peace.
Strength : 5000+ years of history !
Weakness : Lacking self confidence !

Present Contribution : Enriching the West by importing Arms*
Future : Economic Super power in 3 to 4 decades*

Myth : India is a poor country !
Truth : India is a rich country impoverished by selfish people !!

Problem : Bombs in Public places!
Solution : Hindu’s Unity !


-Endangered Hindu , Tamilnadu, India.

*Vedanta is not a Religion it includes all faiths and does not emphasizes God !Even Atheists can follow it !
*According to Ayurveda a Human being has 100 years on earth.
*Yama is a Hindu god of death !
*Hindu is a name given by persians ! They called people living on the other side of the river ”SINDHU” as ”HINDHU”
Vivekananda prefers the word ”Vaidika”or ”Vedantin” !
*Caste in Hinduism is based on Character and Work and not based on Birth,but what is followed now is only a society created caste and not Hinduism!
*Sanskrit alone can be the Indian language,Hindi is spoken in northern india and lacks epics and literatures of its own! English is spreading fast and all the 3 languages ACCEPTED for education !

*J.Jayalalitha is the versatile chief minister of Tamilnadu state, South India.
*Kamasutra written by Sage Vatsyayana looks sex as an art form which helps one to become spiritual in the long run – one should read reliable author on this topic.
*Jews fled to many parts of the world and they were not welcomed ! treated in a hostile manner ! even in the USA !except in India!even a recent study BY Americans reveal this !
*Refugees of all nations and religions were sheltered in India from time to time – ”Chicago addresses” of Vivekananda
*Jesus christ visited india says a Russian research recently , he went to Benares, Haridwar, rishikesh, then to kashmir !
*Bhaskara found out the modern mathematical numbers starting from Zero

Twenty Two Twenty Two years back !

Forty year Old is the new ,

Twenty says the research !

Youth of Old age ? 
Old for Teenage !

Half bald with some grey hairs!
Able to read tiny letters With specs!
Teenage boy came to chat on skype!
Teenage girl came to chat aswell !
Surprised to find message from them!
Teenagers make most things at random!
Rarely thinking !
During chat they asked my age!
”very Old ”said the boy!
Both the Boy and Girl signed themselves out !!

I cherish my Teenage !
Happy to note some hair growth on my cheeks!
Shaved my face for the first time! 
Imagined of a moustache !
To become a Man! 

Went to the barber ,
For a stylish hair cut !
Wore designer shirts!
Enjoyed the naughty gaze of the girls!
Through my narrow window
Watched some babes!
Imagined myself as a movie star!!

I rewind  my  memory
when my father Irritated ,

shouted at my mother !

“Carefully play cricket”

Words of my mother !
Including my brother !!

Got admission into college
with ambition!
Someone serious in their studies then !,
Making it big in their profession!
Someone casual struggling even Now!

I cherish the teenage!
Flourish at this age !
Delight in old age ?!

Believe me!
I was also just Twenty Two!
Twenty Two years back !!

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If one has faith one has everything. -Sri Ramakrishna (Guru of Vivekananda)

Vivekananda was the founder of Ramakrishna Mission in India and Vedanta societies in the USA about 100 years back.

Ramakrishna was born in a Brahmin family in Bengal, EastIndia