Twenty Two Twenty Two years back !

Forty year Old is the new ,

Twenty says the research !

Youth of Old age ? 
Old for Teenage !

Half bald with some grey hairs!
Able to read tiny letters With specs!
Teenage boy came to chat on skype!
Teenage girl came to chat aswell !
Surprised to find message from them!
Teenagers make most things at random!
Rarely thinking !
During chat they asked my age!
”very Old ”said the boy!
Both the Boy and Girl signed themselves out !!

I cherish my Teenage !
Happy to note some hair growth on my cheeks!
Shaved my face for the first time! 
Imagined of a moustache !
To become a Man! 

Went to the barber ,
For a stylish hair cut !
Wore designer shirts!
Enjoyed the naughty gaze of the girls!
Through my narrow window
Watched some babes!
Imagined myself as a movie star!!

I rewind  my  memory
when my father Irritated ,

shouted at my mother !

“Carefully play cricket”

Words of my mother !
Including my brother !!

Got admission into college
with ambition!
Someone serious in their studies then !,
Making it big in their profession!
Someone casual struggling even Now!

I cherish the teenage!
Flourish at this age !
Delight in old age ?!

Believe me!
I was also just Twenty Two!
Twenty Two years back !!

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