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Most Nutritious food in the world !!

One more interesting thing you know our “Idly” is considered to be the most nutritious food in the World. Because it contains carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids and fiber.
Every one should consume ghee. Ghee helps the body to absorb nutrients. If I start talking on food I can go on for hours together. “Idly” is said to be the complete food it is a happy thing to know don’t you think so.

Sri Sri Ravishankar

King of Philanthrophy on death bed ! still donating!!!

King of Philanthrophy on death bed ! still donating!!!

Karna a great character of Mahabharatha and an undisputable  Donor of his times  

During the Mahabharata  (Great Epic of the Hindus) war , Lord Krishna stood by the side of the Pandavas whose brothers are the Opponents Gauravas !  

But due to circumstances and the urgent need to restore order , War became inevitable!

Will Donor Karna donate on his death bed when his heart is pierced by an arrow?

Yes! KARNA OFFERS ALL HIS PUNYA( Fruits of his good deeds so far in his life!) and  he donates to Lord krishna!

Lord Krishna here goes as a beggar asking for alms! but Karna does not have anything to give as alms !

karna the great had only Punya – the fruits of good deeds to give as alms!

What a donation on Death bed?

Krishna – The Intelligence world will never see !! –


Q: Guruji, in Mahabharata Krishna supported both Pandavas and Kauravas. Why did he not lift a weapon in support of Pandavas where as he send his whole army to Kauravas?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Krishna has his own ways, most mysterious, you can’t understand. Better give up. Whoever is trying to understand Lord Krishna doesn’t, different people, different groups see different aspects of Sri Krishna. That is why he is called Purna Avatara, he is so complete from every side. Very, very unique.