Profile of the Little-Known Hindu !! (Attempt to assassinate Hindu leader L.K. Advani)

Name : Little-Known Hindu
Age : — left out of 100*
Date of Death : Yama* only knows !
Nationality : Bharatha – called as ”India”
Religion : VEDANTIN*
Caste : Varna Ashramas*
Mother Tongue : Sanskrit*-Only language 100% phonetic in the world .
Mother of Most European Languages:Sanskrit !!
Education : Seeking Indian Man making education
Courses undergoing : Patriotism
Likes : Common Civil code
Dislikes : Mosques upon Temples
Pet : Peacock
Wonder of Love : Tajmahal
Want : Passport of Bharatha
Doesn’t want : Visa to Hell
Qualities : Too much tolerance
Accomodated : Even Jews*
Sheltered : Refugees of all nations and religions*
Famous guest : Jesus christ*
Crime : Allowed other religions to convert a section of the Hindu’s
Awards Won : title of ”Majority”
Awards Given : title of ”Minority”
National Game : Infighting !
Extra curricular activities : Jealousy !
Limitations : I , ME, Myself .
Ambitions : WE , US, OURSELVES.

problem of Population : Lack of continence in Marriage.
Medicinal Wonder : Ayurveda

World’s first Astronomer : Arya Bhatta
World’s First mathematician : Bhaskara.*
World’s First Architecture Science: Vasthu sastra.
World’s First Sculpture Science: shilpa sastra
World’s First Sex Science : Kamasuatra*
World’s First Political Science: Artha Sastra!
World’s First Dance Science : Natya Sastra!
World’s First Music Therapy: Raga Chikitsa !
World’s Fist Martial Arts Guru: Bodhi Dharma(Tamilian )
World’s only place assuring all-time Freedom: Benares (Varanai or Kasi)*

Foreign Beneficiaries : Mohuls – 700 years ;British – 200yrs
Valuables Looted by the Mohuls : Jewels from temples
Valuables Left by the British : Broken Brandy Bottles !!

Want to Imbibe : Western Science, Honesty, Freedom for woman,Equal opportunity& Sports[Positives]
Want to warn about: Western excessive Materialism and luxury!

Values : Best of East and West
Ideal Personality : J.Jayalalitha*

Greatest Contribution to the world : One World Family philosophy !(Vasudaivaka Kudumbakam)
Civilization of the world : European’s trade with India*
Inspired : All the broad movements of America – Concord Movement.*

Conquest of the world :Quietly creating an impact on the core section of thinkers world over with Yoga-Vedanta!

Sharing now with the world : Shankara, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Swami Dayananda !
Worlds first spiritual man to get political freedom : M.K.Gandhi !
Anticipating Nobel prize : Sri sri Ravishankar for world peace.
Strength : 5000+ years of history !
Weakness : Lacking self confidence !

Present Contribution : Enriching the West by importing Arms*
Future : Economic Super power in 3 to 4 decades*

Myth : India is a poor country !
Truth : India is a rich country impoverished by selfish people !!

Problem : Bombs in Public places!
Solution : Hindu’s Unity !


-Endangered Hindu , Tamilnadu, India.

*Vedanta is not a Religion it includes all faiths and does not emphasizes God !Even Atheists can follow it !
*According to Ayurveda a Human being has 100 years on earth.
*Yama is a Hindu god of death !
*Hindu is a name given by persians ! They called people living on the other side of the river ”SINDHU” as ”HINDHU”
Vivekananda prefers the word ”Vaidika”or ”Vedantin” !
*Caste in Hinduism is based on Character and Work and not based on Birth,but what is followed now is only a society created caste and not Hinduism!
*Sanskrit alone can be the Indian language,Hindi is spoken in northern india and lacks epics and literatures of its own! English is spreading fast and all the 3 languages ACCEPTED for education !

*J.Jayalalitha is the versatile chief minister of Tamilnadu state, South India.
*Kamasutra written by Sage Vatsyayana looks sex as an art form which helps one to become spiritual in the long run – one should read reliable author on this topic.
*Jews fled to many parts of the world and they were not welcomed ! treated in a hostile manner ! even in the USA !except in India!even a recent study BY Americans reveal this !
*Refugees of all nations and religions were sheltered in India from time to time – ”Chicago addresses” of Vivekananda
*Jesus christ visited india says a Russian research recently , he went to Benares, Haridwar, rishikesh, then to kashmir !
*Bhaskara found out the modern mathematical numbers starting from Zero
*Bodhi Dharma- A Tamil-Buddhist Monk went to china around 400 b.c to china and established the shaolin temple and Zen Buddhism! He taught Kungfu to Chinese and they worship him even today in many parts of China !!
*Kasi known as Benares or Varanasi is the North Indian city where according to Hindu legend anyone who dies there gets Moksha even without Meditation or any spiritual practices!!


Navaratri- the 9- night festival

Festivals and other cultural expressions help maintain
values and attitudes
There are many festivals. I consider some of
these to be very relevant to our life, to our outlook, to
our attitudes and to our values. How do you bring this
relevance out? You create a situation like this and
through it, you demonstrate your attitudes. It is like
sending flowers or a card for a birthday. In every
culture, there are a few expressions like this. If these
expressions and customs are removed, life will be
empty. Life will be robotic. These things demonstrate
and re-establish certain values and attitudes. Such
actions bring out the sanctity of these festivals.