Success mantra

Body is my asseGlobe
However sick it maybe
Body is my gift
However small it may be
Body is my favorite
However ugly it may be

The favorite gift
A life time”s asset
Reveals the all time great
Gayatri, The mantra!
My mind is an angel
Whatever problem it may reflect
My mind is my prize
Whatever thing it may share
My mind is my companion
Whatever sensation it may have!

Sensational companion
Lifetime angel
Reveals the alltime great
Gayatri, the mantra!

Bodily Asset
Mindful Gift
Wealth is Both
Materialistic One
Spiritual Twin!!
Reveals the All time great
Gayatri, The Mantra!!
Gayatri Mantra is a wonderful prayer. It is found in all the four vedas. Vedas are more than 10000 yrs old say the experts world over.

It has been part of a Vaidaka or a Hindu to chant this mantra during sandya time or during the early moring or evening times when day meets the night time.

“Om Bhurbhuvahsvah tat saviturvarenyam
Bhargo devasya deemahi dhiyoyona prachodayath”

“O lord!, brighten my mind so that I can take right decisions” is the simple meaning of this mantra.
Right time and place
You may be at the right time but at the wrong place.
You may be at the right place but at the wrong time.
If you are at the right time and place, then you are the successful person.